Can I Study Business Administration Without Mathematics?

The demand for business administration programs has been increasing in recent times. While there are several reasons why you should pursue a bachelor of business administration online, a high salary package is one of the key reasons. Business administration jobs start with nearly INR 2.75 LPA and can go up to INR 10 LPA. That is why more and more learners are opting to take Online BBA Degree. Apart from a good salary, other reasons to study business administration include great career opportunities, the development of managerial skills, and much more.

Many learners want to study business administration. However, one of the major concerns is mathematics. If you are not good at numbers, you would wonder if it is possible to study for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online without mathematics knowledge.

Some of the core subjects of this program include accounting, finance, and economics. Therefore, learners perceive that it is impossible to do BBA or MBA without mathematics knowledge.

However, the good news is that you can opt for a business administration program, even without mathematics. Wondering how? Well, it all depends on the electives you choose. For Specialising in subjects like accounting and finance, maths is a must. But for tourism or sports management, you need not have to study mathematics.

BBA Electives involving Mathematics
Before knowing the BBA electives without mathematics as a subject, let us explore the electives that include maths. Here are some of the BBA electives in which you need to study maths.

BBA in Finance
When it is mathematics, finance is the subject that comes to mind first. If you have a knack for mathematics, you can think of taking up an Online BBA Degree with mathematics electives. In addition to a stronghold on numbers, you must also have reasoning and analysis skills for BBA in finance.

BBA in Accounting
Accounting is synonymous with numbers and mathematics. So, when you want to do a BBA in accounting, maths is included. This elective has a lot of calculations and analysis of figures.

Therefore, if you are not interested in mathematics, you must avoid pursuing an Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with an accounting elective.

BBA in Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is a function of every business. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for BBA graduates with supply chain electives. However, a point to note here is that BBA in supply chain management will involve mathematics.

It may not include as much maths as accounting and finance electives. But you will come across mathematics as a subject in these electives. So, if you are not willing to study mathematics in your business administration program, BBA in the supply chain is not for you.

BBA in International Business
Pursuing BBA in international business will also involve mathematics as a main subject. It is because you will learn vital concepts like accounting laws, taxation, business finance, and more. So, you will have to deal with mathematics as a core element of BBA in international business.

BBA Electives Without Mathematics
Want to pursue a BBA online program in India without mathematics? In that case, here are some of the apt electives you must choose. Let us explore!

BBA in Tourism
Undoubtedly, tourism is one of the evolving industries. It employs millions of people in the world. So, if you want to enter the sector, you can enrol for a BBA in tourism. The best part is that BBA in tourism will not involve mathematics as a core subject. Therefore, without worrying about numbers, you can complete the degree program.

BBA in Hospital and Healthcare
The hospital and healthcare sector is rapidly growing and will continue to do so. So, completing a BBA in hospital and healthcare can open up new career opportunities for you. The program will help you gain insights into the working of the medical sector and enable you to manage top-class hospitals. The best thing is that you do not have to study mathematics while pursuing a BBA in hospital and healthcare.

BBA has a great scope in the future. They offer an array of electives where learners can develop their prowess in technical and non-technical subjects.

BBA in Sports Management
Are you interested in the field of sports? Then you can think of making a career in the domain. When it comes to making a career in sports, most people need to be athletes. However, that is not true.

You can take up other roles as a sports event manager.
For this, you need a BBA degree in sports management. If you want to do BBA without mathematics, specializing in sports management can be a great option.

BBA in Hospitality
In India, the hospitality industry is developing fast. So, an online BBA degree in hospitality can be an ideal choice. Especially if you want to avoid mathematics in BBA, specialising in this subject is the appropriate solution. This elective lets you know about the hospitality industry and its trends. Moreover, you will gain insights into the importance of customers in the hospitality sector.

Other Electives
The list of BBA electives without mathematics is vast. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other subjects you can specialise in, yet you do not have to study mathematics. Some include aviation management, event management, and communication and media management. Moreover, you can even pursue BBA in integrated marketing communication without worrying about mathematics.

Job Prospects After Completing BBA without Mathematics
Many people think that if you have not studied mathematics during your degree prospects of getting jobs are less. However, it is not the case. If you follow the right path and choose the right subject for electives, you will get plenty of job prospects.

Some of the most popular job prospects after completing a BBA without mathematics are:

Marketing Manager
Event Manager
HR Executive
Sales Executive
Sports Event Manager
So, are you still wondering whether you can study business administration with mathematics or without it? The answer is yes. Now that you know the electives you must choose to avoid studying maths, it is time to select the right BBA online university. Make a wise choice and shine in your career.

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