Tips on how to make a room look bigger

A little trick of the eye can go a long way, though! Window treatments like blinds and shutters in Sydney, are one of the best ways to do this because they frame your view and focus attention on what you want people to see. Here are some great ideas for window treatments that will help your room look much larger than it really is.

Make your window appear larger by painting your wall above them light grey, white or cream. It doesn’t have to match exactly with the colour of your walls for this trick to work either, so don’t worry about having an odd shade of paint left over from another project that you want to try out in another part of the house. Another way is using wooden wainscoting up along the bottom half of your windows. This gives off a really traditional vibe which makes rooms feel more formal and spacious.

Using curtains in Sydney homes, that let in natural light, are also a great way to make the room seem bigger than it is. Using sheer fabrics and light-coloured fabrics will open up the room and give it a more spacious feel. You can also consider using darker drapes as well, but ensure that you have plenty of natural light coming in from other sources so as not to make your space seem too dark or crowded.

You will also need to take a good long look at the furniture you have in the room. If there is clutter everywhere then people may think that your house is smaller than it actually is because they will be trying hard to find somewhere to sit down. Decluttering and removing pieces which take up excessive amounts of floor space will help with making your home appear much larger than before.